Have a burning idea?
Launch it

We’re a brand accelerator for entrepreneurs who want to move ultra-fast. We’ll take your rough vision and sprint with it, creating a strong brand direction and voice in one day.

Don’t waste months waiting for a brand design to come back to you – uncover the look and feel of your brand with a clear vision for the future.

Welcome to 500Mins.

What we accomplish In 500 mins:
1 /
Brand design (logo, visual mark, typography and colour palette)
2 /
Core messaging (purpose, profile, values and ambition statement)
3 /
Tone of voice direction
4 /
A brand style guide and design system to share with the world!

From idea to launch in under 500 minutes.

Test it, build on it, or just use straight out of the can.


Caffeine up, two-hour call to brainstorm the idea with you.


Heads down, furiously working on the first round of concepts.


Quick Google Meet to share options and choose a direction.


Push on and bring your chosen design route to life.


Final presentation! Full handover (or brief us to do more).

How much does it cost?

We charge $10k for a 500 minute session or 10% of the total seed investment you plan to raise from our work together. We’re flexible about pricing for two reasons. If you have a great idea, 500Mins will save you money in lost time and sales. If you have the experience and an idea we believe in, but have limited funding, the second option helps you land investment without overspending. Book a kick-off call to decide which option is best for you.

Is the end result…erm, sh*t?

No. Fast doesn’t mean amateur. We’re used to coming up with creative miracles on tight deadlines. Agencies often waste time with long intro meetings and generally overthink the whole process, when start-ups often need someone to jam with them and come up with something on the fly.

Why one day?

You get fresh creative work that comes straight off the back of a conversation. We respond immediately to your energy rather than a week-old brief. There’s not a wasted minute. It’s a fun experience that can instantly prepare you for investment meetings – not to mention the thousands of $$$$$ we’ll save you in lost time.

What if I don’t like the results?

It takes an entrepreneurial mindset and the trust in us to make rapid decisions without rounds of amends. We’re not aiming for perfection; we’re aiming for direction. 500Mins is designed for reaching the next stage. And if you want us to push further, you can always book another day.

If you have a project that’s further down the line, something that needs the attention of our full team, come on over to The Workshop.

Who’s behind the project?

Designer Jason Briscoe and Copywriter Seth Rowden. We’ve worked together for so long that we can finish each other’s sentences.

Book 500Mins
You’ll need 30 mins to complete the brief, then we’ll be in touch to arrange a kick-off call and set a date.

Curious about what’s possible?

This website was created in under 500 minutes. And so were these.

“My process with 500 Minutes was productive, illuminating and down right fun. Jason and Seth are exceptional professionals with a wealth of experience. Their talents shine in real-time as they question, sketch and expand what’s possible. Seeing true masters of their craft at work was both humbling and rewarding. I am grateful for their contributions to Brown Sugar and look forward to many more future collaborations. 500 Minutes is the definition of time well spent.”

- Alex Abelin, Brown Sugar & ex-Googler

“Working with Jason and Seth through 500 minutes absolutely accelerated our brand and brought our company to life. Their vision is original and expertise, refined. This process was exhilarating, fun and super satisfying. They immediately zeroed in on the essence who we are and created an aligned aesthetic and voice (in literally 500 minutes!) that has launched us to the next level. The end result is perfect. We feel confident and complete as we officially move forward. PlantBaby is very grateful!”

- Lauren Abelin, Plant Baby